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How many countries does 24Hlogistics reach?
We reach more than 220 countries worldwide.
What type of shipments can I Send?
With 24Hlogistics you can send documents and all kind of goods Excluding flammable products or items such as: gasoline, perfumes, gas pipes, explosives, matches, or any Chemical products. Also Aerosols, Liquid batteries, guns or any weapons.
How much does a shipping cost?
Please give us a call or contact us for a quote to our e-mail: info@24hlogisitcs.com we will reply to you as soon as possible.
Can I send money and/or jewellery?
According to the regulations and international laws. Through express courier, it is prohibited to transport cash, asset titles and/or (jewellery) to prevent any kind of money laundry.
Does my international shipping generate any taxes?
Depending on the content, or commodity, declared value, or each country regulations, and other aspects to the entry of a shipment a given country, may or may not generate taxes. This depends on the definition of body of authority at the country of destination. Where each one freely regulates this aspect, so any shipment regardless of its content is subject to review and payment, if it is determined.
If my company makes shipments do I have any benefits?
If your company send frequent shipments to any of our destinations you only need to provide us with a photocopy of the RUT, Chamber of Commerce and I.D. of the legal representative to become a corporate client and access special rates.