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Importing It´s SIMPLE!

Importing parcels into the UK is very straightforward when you are using 24H Logistics impeccable import service. With us the entire process is made so simple than anyone can organize an import by using our website or APP at any time, you can book your collection online; the shipping documents and labels are then automatically e- mailed directly to the sender, who just has to print off the labels and any customs invoice and place them on the parcel(s) we are collecting.
24H Logistics will do the rest for you.

Book your collections anywhere in the world today by using our online support service at www.24hlogistics.com, using our APP or simply call us free on 0800 410 2424

Fast and Easy Customs Clearing Services

In 24H Logistics we can help you to import all the goods that you need and also customs clear this goods so you have peace of mind that we will take care of your parcel all the way and make sure your goods clear customs in a more speedy and efficient manner.

Import duty and VAT is charged separately by the UK customs authorities, and are not imposed by 24H Logistics.
It is also best practice to check that your goods are not prohibited for import into the UK prior to organizing your collection online. If you are unsure of whether your goods are prohibited for import into the UK then you should contact the 24H Logistics customer services team or have a look at our website for further advice and guidance.

So if you need an international courier that can offer fast but cost-effective import or export services, you can trust your parcels with24H Logistics. Imports and Exports made SIMPLE.