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Terms & Conditions

The below information is for you to the understanding of our business procedures, these terms and conditions shall have the following meaning:

24HL” refers to the company 24H Logis cs Limited registered in England and Wales under the company house register on number 07543220 and the whose registered office is at 163 Robert Dashwood Way, London SE17 3PZ.

Carrier” refers to the third-party carriers/couriers we use, as our providers which are DHL, TNT, UK Mail, Parcel Force. Customer” refers to the person/party/en ty that uses 24HL services.
Consignment” refers to a parcel or a group of parcels sent by/through 24HL to a single address.
Sender” refers to the person/party who sends the consignment.

Recipient” refers to the person/party who is receiving consignment.
Working/Business Day’ refers to Monday to Friday 9.00am- 6 pm GMT, not including public/bank holiday in the countries where are services are provided.

1.Our Services

1.1 24HL is dedicated to its clients and aims to provide a first-rate, efficient, affordable service ensuring your shipment(s) are delivered with speed and care.
24HL acts as an intermediary who facilitates the collection, transportation, and delivery of a consignment via our own service or by Third- Party Carriers.


1.1 Customers/sender must ensure that all consignment is well packaged and labeled correctly and are adequate for transport. The content of each parcel must be securely packaged inside the box, document envelop or courier bag.

1.2 24HL recommended that customers use a 24HL cardboard box or strong external packaging. It is advisable to wrap each item individually, using the protected material such as bubble wrap or polystyrene for added protected on. The contents should be cushioned and protected inside. The packaging must also be sufficient to protect the weight of the consignment.

1.3 Parcels should be tightly sealed with strong plastic tape to prevent it from spilling during transit; however, it must be noted that consignment may be opened by Customs authorities for inspection. Customers should ensure that parcels are not a ached together as they may become separated in transit. Customers are advice not to use string, paper or decora ve material as external packaging. 24HL will not be liable if a consignment is damaged due to it being inadequately packaged by the customer/sender.

1.4 Customers/sender must ensure that all consignment is labeled accurately and correctly. All labels must be clearly legible, with a full and accurate name and address of the recipient, including postcode (or the county equivalent), e-mail address, and contact telephone number of both the recipient and sender. If the customer has failed to provide all necessary data, 24HL reserves the right to the refuse to send the customer’s consignment. If this does occur the customer will be billed the cost of returning the consignment to their collection address.

1.5 Shipment can be delayed due to incorrect address; customers must ensure that the delivery address is valid and correct. If the address is wrong, the customer will be charged an administrative fee of £10 to rectify any errors, plus if the correct information on is not providing by the customer within 24 Hours any consignment is sent back to the customer/sender and will face extra charges.

1.6 All labels must be securely attached on the flat side of the parcel. The label should be clearly visible and not obscured in any way (labels should not be affixed on the edge or folds of the parcel) .24HL will accept no liability for any failure, delay to delivery or missed delivery due to inadequately labeling by the customer/sender and no refund will be issued. If you are reusing an old box, please ensure that all old labels are removed.

1.7 Customers/sender are solely responsible for providing accurate information on the weight and size of their consignment. If there are any weight/size discrepancies such as the consignment being heavier or incorrect dimensions than the initial state, 24HL reserves the right to charge an additional extra charge.

1.8 Customer/sender are solely responsible for providing an accurate description of the content of the consignment. Competent authority es such as Customs Officials or any international is entitled to open and inspect any consignment for safety and security reasons. 24HL will not liable for the damage during inspec on if this does occur.

3 Collections

  1. 1.1  Due to the volality of the market we work in, the price quoted may be subject to changes.
  2. 1.2  Collecons and deliveries are made on working days only Monday to Friday (not including Bank or Public Holidays). The customer must ensure that they are available in the collection the day that they booked. If the customer is out when the collection is an emptied, there will be an extra charge of £10. This will be reflected on the final invoice.
  3. 1.3  If your consignment is not collected, the customer/sender must contact 24HL on 08004102424 to arrange an alternative collected on the day or alternative my slot.
  4. 1.4  The customers/senders must request their collecons via online, APP, or phone call. This collection will be processed within 24 hours.
  5. 1.5  All collection will take from 2-3 days depending on our carriers and our own availability, excluding London area where the collection will take place on the next day only if the customer/sender request this collection before 3 PM. (not including Saturdays and Sundays or Bank holidays)
  6. 1.6  Please note depending on the area of collecons charges may apply.
  7. 1.7  24HL/carrier has the right to deem the area of collecons where this charges will take place.
  8. 1.8  24HL/ courier shall not be liable for any delays during collection which may affect the transit times in the deliveries of our customer/sender consignment “please refer to paragraph 6.4 of our terms & conditions.

4.Customs & Duties/Clearance

1.1 Please be aware all prices, tariffs, and quotes do not include customs/dues and clearance charges. Our tariffs only include inbound or outbound postages charges. 24HL has no control over customs charges/dues/tax, these charges are at the discretion of the local Customs/Government Authorities.

1.2 Customs & Du es/Clearance charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. If the recipient refuses to pay du es & taxes. The consignment will be send back to the sender and extra charges of importa on will apply plus Customs & Du es in the country of origin. If in the period of three months, the recipient or sender do not give us any of the instruc on required. The consignment will be destroyed and the sender/customer will be billed for those costs. If a consignment is held or destroyed by customs; 24HL is not liable for the damages and shipping cost is not refundable.

1.3 Please note 24H L is not a customs agent broker.

5 Collections

5.1 Please note all our services are automated as soon as any consignment is collect it will immediately ship in our logis c chain process, therefore cancela on cannot be accepted.

5.2 Cancela on can only be accepted free of charges prior to collec on. 5.3 Cancela on must be requested by e-mail before collec on. Failure

to do so charges of £10% of the shipping cost a er the first 30

minutes from collec on may apply.
5.4 Payments online, will be refund within 5 working days.


6.1 All consignments are covered for £50 in case of total loss or total damage of the consignment, this is our standard cover. Shipping will not be refundable a er the consignment has been shipped.

6.2 If the Customer feels the standard cover is not sufficient, an addional enhanced cover is available to be purchased.

6.3 24HL shall not be liable for the loss and damage of a consignment if the value exceeds the standard cover and addional cover is not purchase, 24HL will only pay the customer the value of the consignment up to a limit of £50.

6.4 24HL have the right to reject a claim for reasonable reasons such as inadequately/insufficient packaging, incorrect labeling, incomplete dispatch or customs documenta on, incorrect addresses and incorrect descripons of the goods.

6.5 24HL shall not be liable for any Loss or Damage, late collec on, or Late Delivery resul ng from circumstances beyond 24HL’s or the Carrier’s control such as seizure under legal process, nature causes, weather condions, Consequences of War, Civil Wars, Force Majeure – flood, earthquakes, bad weather, road traffics industrial ac on etc., road traffic accident, flight delayed etc., pressure waves caused by aircra or other aerial devices.

6.6 Prohibited items and items at your own risk are not included in our liability cover and not valid for enhanced cover.

6.7 24HL shall only be liable for Loss/Damage or Late Delivery when it proved that 24HL has acted negligently.

7 Prohibited items

  • ·  Liquids
  • ·  Passports, birth and death cerficates or financial documents
  • ·  Mobile Phones (prohibi on only in Colombia)
  • ·  Flammable/ Toxic products
  • ·  Perfumes/ A ershave
  • ·  Nail Vanish/Polish
  • ·  China such as vases, pots etc.
  • ·  Chemical Products
  • ·  Aerosols
  • ·  Ba eries
  • ·  Guns, ammuni on or any other weaponry and their parts
  • ·  Corrosive products
  • ·  Explosive, oxidizing or radioac ve material
  • ·  Radioac ve materials
  • ·  Dangerous goods
  • ·  Perishable goods
  • ·  Livestock, /Animals skins/Animal Parts such as ivory and ivoryproducts
  • ·  Hazardous goods
  • ·  Gases (compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure)
  • ·  Unpackaged or damaged goods
  • ·  Alcohol
  • ·  Money (cash, bank notes, credit cards, personal cheques, travelerscheques and currency)
  • ·  Pre-paid phone/ phone cards and ac vated SIM cards
  • ·  An ques/ Works of Arts with value over USD$1000.00
  • ·  Jewelry
  • ·  Body or human remains
  • ·  Flowers or plants
  • ·  Engine, gearbox
  • ·  Tickets such as airplane cket or lo eryckets
  • ·  Food and beverages (that requires refrigera on or othertemperature controls)

7.1 This list is not exhaus ve and 24HL may update/modify this list at any me. If a customer/sender send prohibited items they will be charge for £50.00 for admin and labour cost or in other case depending the AA regula on it might be confisca ng or destroyed, also if any of the items in the list reach des na on and is held by customs and the item is prohibited it might be confiscated by them and destroyed, 24 H Logis cs would not be liable for any of the cases men oned above



– Food items (Perishable)
– Important Documents
– Retail Items or for exhibition
– Paintings
– Souvenirs
– Furniture
– Expensive watches and accessories
– Motor parts and accessories
– Porcelain, ceramics, or fragile items.
– Televisions/Monitors – LED, /LDC/CRT/Plasma Screens – Laptops
– Computers
– Mobile Phones

– Glass or mirrored items
– Fragile Goods
– Pharmaceu cal products including prescription drugs – Musical Instruments
– Electronic devices such as tablets, I pad, smartphones

8.1 In the event of a claim, the Customer/sender must no fy 24HL immediately and 24HL will provide a claim form which must be fully completed.

8.2 The customer/ sender must provide two clear photos of the consignment, making sure the shipping label and the consignment number is visible.

8.3 All claims must be brought to us within 10 days’ maximum of the receipt of dispatch. Either by e-mail info@24hlogis cs.com or by post 163 Robert Dashwood Way; SE17 3PZ.

8.4 If the customer/ sender fails to do so, 24HL shall not be liable for loss or damage.

You will need to provide:
Stang the consignment number.
Your name, Address, Contact phone number, Email address.
Date of Dispatch.
Proof of consignment’s dispatch.
Es mates for the repair of the Goods
Descrip on of the packaging
Proof of its value e.g. receipts
Details of the weight and nature of the Goods
Detail clear description of the content of the package (e.g. make, model, serial number. Recipient’s name and address including postcode or equivalent.

Once you provide us with all the necessary information on 24HL will review your case and contact you within 15 working days. Before you make claim be aware of the policies and regulation on we already men oned above.

For customer information:
These Terms & Conditions will be review and update every 12 months.

For each consignment, it is the customer responsibility to make sure that the consignment is securely packaged and correctly labeled.24HL accept no liability if the consignment is damage due to the sender not following these guidelines and makes no assurance that by following these guidelines that the consignment will not be damaged in transit.

Each Consignment must be accompanied by the documents provided by 24HL. Therefore, the customer/sender must make sure all the information on given is accurate, failure to provide correct and accurate consignment information on will result in an additional surcharge to rec fy any errors.

24HL may not come in direct contact with your consignment when we arranged it to be picked by a carrier.

24HL/Carrier has the right to deem a consignment unsuitable for reasons such as inadequate packaging, inaccurately description on of goods, prohibited items, or weight/size discrepancies. If this does occur the customer/sender will be notified via e-mail or phone call. Administra on fees may apply.

Where applicable 24HL will provide tracking guide numbers for consignments. Our Express Tracking Service is available via our website or by contacting our Customer Service department.
All issues/concerns must be directed to 24HL we will then contact the relevant carrier to assist you best with your query.


9 . Governing Law

9.1 These Terms and Conditions and our other terms incorporated by reference shall be governed by English law and you agree that any dispute between us regarding these our Terms and Conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

9.2 By accepting this Terms & conditions the customer/sender gives to 24HL absolute power on their consignments and the way they will be transported as soon as it has been collected from 24HL or their carriers.